24 aprile 2000

Magazine article about Carrese

I asked Terre, a beautiful monthly magazine edited by the journalists of Italia del Gusto, to publish an article on Carrese. They accomplished my request with what I post herebelow, stating that there will be others in the near future:

23 aprile 2000

the beauty of Molise...

A few days ago Regione Molise approved their list of "Chain of beauty" in Molise.

We applied for the project, describing what we are doing and where we are going (the promotion of Molise with direct involvement of foreign partners).

Well, among the hundreds of companies / associations / organizations participating, we did the 9th place with a score of 86/100.
Although we have not won even one euro, we are happy with it. It's a signal, important, that there are those who appreciate our work.

16 aprile 2000

We are preparing for Carrese

The Carrese, a big popular event that becomes celebration of the values of the area, to be rediscovered and re-evaluateed also touristically and economically. This is the leit motif of this year event, that has convinced me to participate enthusiastically to the invitation by the organization and the mayor (and friend) Vittorino Facciolla to give my modest contribution.
My contribution will be as speaker, at the meeting of 30 April (10am) to tell my experience of AADI with the promotion of Molise abroad, and I will bring a fierce Dutch delegation who will come to San Martino to tell us their experience of Molise and... to have fun touring around. Among them there will be also a producer of dairy products, which will compare with colleagues from Molise. And, from London, Rabbi Akiva Padwa, consultant, and Chief Inspector CERIF for the Kosher (Jewish) milk-based products.
Here you can find the full program of events of the Carrese.

The program of the conference where I will participate is this:

Opportunities for tourism development in Molise: the village historical centers

The village, the "old country" is an example perhaps not enough known about how the beauty of a place may come from his life, from respiration, never interrupted, of his daily life.
"Mezz'a terra" of San Martino is a kind of oasis that has no intention to fossilize in the role of the monument but leaves his breath bricks, its walls with the mighty voice of those who live there, as usual. The balance between contemporary history and is a kind of responsibility implied, lived as obvious and natural.

Welcome speech
Mayor of San Martino in Pensilis Mr. Vittorino Facciolla

prof. Antonio Minguzzi dean of the faculty of economics of tourism at the University of Molise
prof. Marcello Pastorini President dell'Ecomuseo "Frentani routes" - routes Ecomuseum Frentani: a journey between sea and mountains, in the heart of our villages

Prof. Michael Mancini - The village of San Martino in Pensilis: hints

Dr. Michele Esposto (vice president Nat Ass. Diffuso Hotel) - "Opportunities for developing Spread Hotels in Molise"

Dr. Michael Vitale, chairman Taste of Italy - "The Dutch are buying houses in honor of Molise: the experience of the Friends of Italy"

Dott.Cap Wiertz - "Why we chose Molise" - the contribution of a Dutchman who has chosen to live in Molise.

Dr. Paolo di Laura Frattura (Chamber of Commerce president)

Dr. Sandro Arco, regional culture

Prof. Antonio D'Ambrosio, historical