08 gennaio 2007

Termoli, a small tourist town in Molise (Italy), will offer from this January a free downtown Wi-Fi hotzone for every citizen and tourist. This hotzone will be the first of a series in Molise, a small region of Italy inadequately served by the ADSL connectivity because of its impervious though beautiful topology.

The hotzone is sponsored by the private partners Quaranta Studio Legale (a local law firm), AADI (international tourist association), and Sistec (technical installation) and by the Municipality of Termoli, which intends to promote Wi-Fi connectivity all over the town and in neighbouring small cities which need to provide broad band services to its citizens and employees but which do not have ADSL connectivity. AADI is looking for partners who are willing to help extending the Wi-Fi network in this beautiful part of Italy and take profit in terms of public image and hype.

For info, studio40vitale@yahoo.it

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