24 settembre 2009

The lies under the labels of olive oil / 2

I'd like to write again on the lies pollunting the olive oil market.
In 2005, the german magazine Merum asked the tasting panel of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence to examine 31 samples from olive oils sold in German supermarkets, and published the results (re-published also by Der Stern, Slow Food Germany e ZDF national tv).
All 31 samples came from olive oils labeled as "extra virgin" (the highest quality rank available for olive oil; other lower qualities categories are "virgin" and "lampante").
Well, how incredible it may sound, only 1 out of 31 turned out to have the features required for the "extra virgin" label. The rest of them were not compliant; nevertheless these oil were bottled by their rutheless producers with a label they did not deserve and that was, basically, false.
And guess what? Carapelli, one of the exposed companies, sued the journalist who wrote the article for libel and... lost the trial!!
My personal reaction to this story? As I wrote in my former post, meet or get to know the farmer and, once you trust him, buy from him, even online!

Source: Gianna Ferretti's blog.

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  1. I can imagine! I think the same happens in the USA as well.... all too often, in fact.

  2. ciao! complimenti per il tuo blog, davvero interessante! la questione dell'olio extravergine mi tocca moltissimo, perchè il mio babbo è un produttore di olio toscano, quindi ti ringrazio per aver sottolineato l'aspetto della qualità e della trasparenza anche al pubblico inglese e americano del tuo blog.
    ho aggiunto il tuo blog all'elenco dei miei blog amici così ti seguo, al prossimo post! ;-)

  3. So glad I found your blog. E' molto interessante and the dual language feature is so useful. I'll be recommending it to friends and family. bravo.