26 marzo 2000

Italia al dente + 4: il resoconto - The report

So how was this fair?
Very good, I would say.

Our booth was rich, with many excellent products, and with a good location (the first right after the entrance of the fair).
Since the first day, I, Francis and his wife Pia we realized ... that we were too short: we had lots of products on show, for tasting and sale, and we did not know what to do ...! Fortunately, the small Giulia (5 years) helped us make the coffee ... ;-)

In the afternoon came the reinforcements that have very simple work.

A strange pleasant frenzy was on the stand, because the Dutch visitors were demanding!
They are content not to look or taste, they wanted to read about all the products and they were very attentive and well informed.

The braid of Santa Croce di Magliano was a product that has had the greatest curiosity.
We brought over two kilos, but after a few hours they were almost all finished, I had to hide what remained after the assault in the fridge for the next day.
You will not believe how many times I had to say "I am sorry we have more to sell, we only reach for the tasting ... Next time we will better prepared!

What about the other products (cheese and oil Parco dei Buoi of Timperi and Oleificio Molisano, preserved Biosapori and Oasis of the Sun, the wine Catabbo, coffee Domingo) are very pleased and have been sold very well, too.

The Dutch wanted to buy and sampling!

In essence, all 6 quintals of goods available have been sold.

Moreover, 2 presentations of Carrese San Martino were made in the film room.

The audience heard presentations showing increasingly great interest. Even Onno Kleyn, one of the most important gastronomic Dutch journalists saw the presentation. Perhaps Onno is to attend the Carrese, April 30 next year.

Even many Dutch travel agencies and home cinema, like to shoot a documentary on us, visited the stand. I think we will see good things ...

Were distributed, also, hundreds of DVDs, guides and brochures in English on Dutch Molise and many have expressed a desire to visit us in Italy.

And when they will be in good company because so many their countrymen have already purchased a second home in Molise ...

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