07 maggio 2000

The story of a return in Molise. After 90 years.

The gentleman in the picture is Robert Bruno.
He's American and lives in the USA.
But he has Molisane origins.
His grandfather, Pasquale Casertano, arrived to Ellis Island (the center in New York which managed immigration) from Campobasso on October 24th 1913, in search of fortune.
He found it, but lost over the years any link with his Molise.
Exactly 90 years later, on October 24th 2003, Robert met for the first time with his family in Campobasso.
Robert wrote me, asking to publish on my blog the touching story of that journey, written by himself.
I am happy to do so, in the links you'll find at the end of the post.
Here is an excerpt from his story, that I strongly suggest you to read (it is touching):
"Anticipation and anxiety started to build up. We were extremely excited. In ten minutes Lucia and Laura arrived. It was an extremely moving moment. I was so excited I was lost for words. I didn’t know what to say. I was very happy. We hugged each other and just looked at each other in amazement. We then went to our car to get Mariann (my wife). The three of them were so excited they were jumping up and down. Mariann went with Lucia and Laura came with me in our car. Laura and I were trying to communicate with each other. We were laughing a lot. Mariann said her communication with Lucia was just fine. We felt like we knew them all our lives"
Robert will return to Molise for the second time in his life next week.
His dream? Teaching English in Molise.
For free.

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  1. What a wonderful story. It is stories like that that keep us here at italyMONDO! going everyday.

    When we find the long-lost relatives of clients still living in Italy - and then build the bridge so they can meet - the thrill and emotions are felt by us as well. Excellent post!